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The Chair of Pathology of Trees teaching focuses on microorganisms (esp. within the area of mycology) and their interactions with their host trees. Emphasized are:

- The biology of microorganisms – symbionts and pathogens

- Infection strategies, epidemiology, and disease cycle of a pathogen

- Recognition of disease symptoms in the field

- Identification of the pathogen with microscopy and molecular methods




Wintersemester: Elective module "Baumkrankheiten"



 Wintersemester: Elective module "Urban Trees and Forests"




Ongoing Theses


  •  „Untersuchung zur Vitalität von Buchennaturverjüngung im Zusammenhang mit Trockenheit und Hitze“ by Tom Karrer, Start January 2023 (in collaboration with the FVA Freiburg)


  • „Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Fäuledynamik unterschiedlicher Pilzisolate von Biscogniauxia nummularia und B. mediterranea an Buchenholz“ by Johanna Becker, Start January 2023 (in collaboration with the der FVA Freiburg)


  • „Untersuchung des Mykoparasitismus bei Steccherinum tenuispinum auf anderen holzzersetzenden Pilzen“ by Luna Relinque, Start December 2022 (in collaboration with the Faculty of Biology, Freiburg)



 Finished Theses


  • “Horse chestnut fungal leaf pathogens - In planta inoculation methods and interactions of pathogenic fungi” by Tobias Benz, April – November 2022



  • “Development of 3-d-moldable pure mycelium material for engineering purposes” by Nicolas Schewe, July – October 2022 (in collaboration with the Technical Faculty)


  • “Comparison of the disease symptoms and identification of the responsible fungal pathogens of Sequoiadendron giganteumPinus sylvestrisTaxus baccata in Freiburg” by Laura Kunze, June – September 2022


  •  „Untersuchung von Phytophthora an Fagus sylvatica im forstbotanischen Garten in Freiburg“ by Tom Schneider, Mai – August 2022